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Corporate Recognition Awards
When it is time to recognize individuals within your orgranization, do more than say it like you mean it. Show them you mean it by presenting an award they will treasure.

At The Abbey Studio, we create tribute awards that you will be proud to present and your recipient will be honored to receive. We work with you to create a document that appropriately reflects your gratitude. For over twenty years, the designers at The Abbey Studio have been selected to create awards for distinguished recipients - individuals who have given generously of their time, talent, and resources. For more somber, but no less important occasions, we have been chosen to create memorial tributes - a lasting commemoration of a life well lived.

We invite you to view the samples shown below and contact us. Our designs are tasteful, unique, and created with an understanding of the importance of time and budget. Our documents are sold framed and matted unless otherwise specified by our customer.

We can be reached by phone at 781.740.9000 or email at

Our most distinctive award, the Heirloom Tribute scroll, shown left and detail at top of page, is lettered on exquisitely prepared vellum (calfskin) and rendered with Moon Palace sumi ink, 23K gold leaf, and designers gouache. It is also available on paper, rather than vellum, and with gold paint, rather than gold leaf. A few other designs are shown below.

Click any image on this page to view a larger version of the award.

Retirement Award
Outstanding Service Award
Outgoing Officer Award